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Nick Cavarretta: Sydney SEO & Online Marketing

Nick Cavarretta's Bio:

Hi, my name is Nick Cavarretta and welcome to my online resume. I assume you have found me via Twitter or by visiting my website


SEO Services I offer:

  • SEO Consultant Services
  • SEO Training (face to face for marketing teams)
  • Technical Site Audits and Reports
  • Content Marketing Planning
  • Keyword Research and Mapping
  • Local Search and Map Listings for Small Business
  • Link Building and Public Relations
  • Paid Search (Adwords, Content PPC & Bing)
  • Social PPC (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Press Releases (Writing, Publishing & Database Access)


My work as a consultant was established in 2010 and has grown in the past years. I have built and expanded into different verticals in the past 2 years with technical SEO being my main focus.


Apart from the services I've listed above, I can also offer the following services across multiple businesses.


  • Corporate Blogging
  • Advertorials
  • Copywriting and Landing Page Writing
  • Press Release Writing
  • Story Telling
  • Journalism and Research
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Filming and Video Editing
  • Script Writing


All content is written by actual journalists or people previously from the media industry.


More about me

I originally come from a web developer’s background, back when everything was coded using HTML and CSS with nothing more than notepad and a browser. Times have changed since then and so have my goals.


I became established in 2010 for online marketing and have been doing SEO since 2008. During 2011, I became an adult trainer and received my TAE04 certificate for teaching young to mature adults. I trained young adults in web development, SEO, Local Area Networking and Video Production for 2 years.


My focus shifted into marketing and advertising after I completed media studies (journalism) in 2012, and found public relations interesting and closer to digital marketing. In 2013 I was employed as a full-time online marketing specialist within the fashion industry; my main focus being SEO, Adwords and eMarketing.


Business Snapshot

Established: 2010

Number of Staff:

Type: Specialist - Online Marketing (e.g. SEO, Social Media, Adwords) 

Market Experience: Fashion, Corporate, Food (Mixed Markets)

Content Management Systems: Wordpress


Contact Details


Twitter: @nickcavarretta


ABN/ACN: 16431728179

Nick Cavarretta's Education:

Nick Cavarretta's Interests & Activities:

Drinking Coffee, Online Marketing, Marketing, Advertising, SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, Adwords, Competition Analysis, Training and Development, New Media, Journalism, Music, Design, HTML, CSS, Social Media, Web Design, Wordpress, Digital Strategy, Photography, Multimedia, Video Editing, Special Effects, Publicity, Public Relations, SEO Writing, Landing Page Writing, Copywriting, Computer Science, Film, Movies, Publishing, Promotions, Screenwriting, Search Engine Marketing, SEM, Drinking Coffee,

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